You’re a bit nosy, aren’t you?

That’s okay, I am too! The “About me” page of any blog is always the first place I go once I’m hooked on a blogger’s style. I love learning more about what makes my fave bloggers tick. So. Me. Well, there’s not much to know!

I’m a world traveller, a data geek, a dog lover, and an all-round-crafty gal. I live with my hubby and my puppy in Queensland, Australia, and I’m just blogging some of my adventures through crafting.

I got into crafting about 18 months ago, after my partner proposed to me. I’d been eyeing off Cricuts for years and drooling over all the things you could do with them, but I couldn’t justify the expense of purchasing… until that beautiful sapphire popped up on my left hand, and then I had every excuse under the sun!

And so, I bought a Cricut Maker, second hand, rather cheaply, and I began my crafting journey. In its first year of life with me, my Cricut created:

  • engagement party invitations (& even addressed the envelopes for me)
  • engagement party decorations
  • the cake topper for our engagement cake
  • wedding invitations & inserts (and again, the addressing)
  • all of the decor for our wedding, including the ceremony backdrop, and my bouquet!!

I fell in love with paper flower making while doing my bouquet, and I hope to provide some more wonderful bouquets for other weddings & celebrations in the future.

After getting home from our honeymoon a few months ago, my hubby had a couple of health issues which we had to work through so I wasn’t able to craft much for a while. In January 2020 though, I decided to begin our year by following The KonMari Method to organise our home, and the Cricut came back into play for labelling just about everything in the house 🙂 It gave me such a sense of satisfaction to have all my new storage systems labelled and organised.

Now I’m getting back into crafting, and I have also begun a new hobby – sewing! I inherited a 1930’s Singer 99k sewing machine many years ago and it has sadly been banished to the garage for the time I’ve had it. The KonMari Method helped me to decide what was important to me, what sparked joy for me, and this sewing machine was one of those things. And so I had her restored locally and brought back into working order, and now I’m learning to sew on this beautiful piece of family history. I’ve also been entrusted with my grandmother’s spinning wheel, so I hope to learn to spin my own wool too… I think I’m going to need a few more hours in my day! 🙂

I’m still sorting my website and there will be a proper “Contact Us” form to come etc, but if you need to get in touch please send me an email :